Purebred cat and dog breeding in L'Aigle: Embrace the Moon


Embrace the Moon is a feline and canine breeder located in L'Aigle.

We breed toyger cats and Papillon spaniels.

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Our manager's story

« I was always passionate about animals, so I decided to breed cats and dogs in order to make a living from my passion »


I always had pets in my house growing up.  

Over the years, I have learned how to care for the basic needs of animals.

All my animals of all ages are analyzed for genealogy and genetics.

Florent Calonne's education


Our cattery is registered with the LOF and TICA.

Our dog kennel is registered with the LOOF.

We are international members of TICA and the Toyger France breed club.


«  Because animal welfare is our priority »

We use black soap, white vinegar (14%) and baking soda for cleaning and disinfection.

For treating the animals, we use essential oils: fine lavender (stress, anxiety), tea tree (coryza, congestion), etc.

We treat our animals using diatomaceous earth for external parasites, insecticide, etc.



We care about the well-being of our animals:

Positive education and socialization

Hygiene standard

Cognitive and sensory stimulation (toys, outings, games)

BARF diet

Wellness (aromatherapy, adapted equipment)

Natural weaning

Informed clientele

Healthy puppies and kittens.

We follow the requirements of the breed club and the Central Canine and Feline Society’s regulations.

Our animals are sociable and adapt to different environments.


We target clients who consider their pets to be an integral part of their family.


We provide advice for acclimatization.

We also provide personalized support throughout the process. 

Health regulations at Embrace the Moon cattery

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  1. Cleaning and disinfection plan for premises and equipment

Hygiene rules must be respected by staff and the public.

Animal maintenance and care procedures must be taken into account in the event of a health event.

The current law, represented by the DDPP, requires us to detail the above points.

The floors of the premises are vacuumed and disinfected daily with the detergent saniterpen (oriental breath): virucide + fungicide + bactericide.

Dirt is also cleaned as soon as possible with bleach.

The cattery is obligatorily cleaned after the passage of external people.

Litter boxes are disinfected daily with disinfectant wipes.

The water, meat and kibble bowls are washed daily with dishwashing liquid and a clean sponge.

Worktops are cleaned regularly throughout the day with multi-purpose disinfectant wipes + rubbing alcohol.

  1. Hygiene rules to be observed by visitors

People must make an appointment to see our animals.

Hygiene rules must be respected: the removal of shoes, the use of a hydroalcoholic solution for the hands...

They must also come without animals to avoid the entry of germs or parasites into the cattery.

Hands must be disinfected in each room: nursery, infirmary, room for breeding males...

  1. Animal maintenance and care procedures

Procedures include health monitoring and prophylaxis.

Our animals are cleaned as much as necessary.

Kittens are dewormed once a month until they are six months old.

We use pest control pipettes regularly to avoid the presence of external parasites.

In the event of a health event, our referent veterinarian comes to inspect our premises once a year.

If the state of health of one of our animals requires quarantine, we have a room provided for this purpose.

The room, furniture and equipment are cleaned daily.

The new animals will not immediately be put in the same room as the others.

We isolate the animals to check that they are not suffering from any contagious pathology.

The duration of this isolation is about twenty days.

Feel free to contact us for more information on our services