About the toyger cat breed in L'Aigle: Embrace the Moon

Characteristics, prices and care tips for toyger cats in the l’Orne

Learn about our toyger cats at Embrace the Moon in L'Aigle.

This animal is sociable, affectionate and intelligent.

Origin of the toyger cat

The name toyger is composed of "toy" and "tiger".

This breed was developed by American Judy Sugden in 1980.

The animal was registered with the TICA in 1990 and accepted for competition in 2007.

It was recognized as an experimental breed in 2016 and completely in 2021.

Unlike the Bengal and the Savannah, the Toyger is not a hybrid with a wild cat.


Appearance Head Fur

The toyger cat has a strong, elongated and very athletic body.

Its shoulders and neck are muscular.

This animal has a large head and a long nose.

Its nose leather is in the shape of an inverted V.

It also has a broad chin and a powerful jaw.

This cat has short and soft fur.




The eyes of this animal are round and close together with a deep color. Its ears are small and rounded. It has a long, ringed tail.

Personality of the toyger cat

The toyger is a rather active cat.

It is very docile and easily trainable.

With a good temperament, it adapts to adults, children, and other animals.


Toyger cats are strong and in good health, with no species-specific diseases.

You can find out if the parents have been tested for certain genetic diseases like PK-def and Apr-rdac.

However, you must be careful with their diet. Their digestive system is very fragile.

Toyger cats do not need grooming, but it is best to check their ears for cleanliness from time to time.

This animal requires daily brushing to remove dead fur when shedding.  

Its average life expectancy is about 15 years.


The price of a kitten toyger can vary depending on its age and sex.

For a cat registered with the LOOF, the average price is between €1600 and €2000.

Top pedigrees can sell for up to €2500.

Taking care of this cat requires a budget of €30 per month.

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