About the Papillon spaniel breed in L'Aigle: Embrace the Moon

The physical characteristics and personalities of the dogs at our kennel in the l’Orne

Learn about our Papillon spaniels at Embrace the Moon in L'Aigle.

This breed of dogs is sociable and easy to train.


We can see Papillon spaniels in many Renaissance paintings.

Supposedly from Western Europe, their most recent history has been in France and Belgium.

The Continental Toy Spaniel has been bred into two varieties: the Papillon and the Phalène.

It was not until 1937 that the FCI approved the standard and officially recognized the breed.

Physical characteristics

The most common colors of butterfly spaniels are red, yellow, tricolor and bicolor.

The coat is not completely mature until at the age of one and a half years.




Small dog with a harmonious structure and a lively appearance, about 28 cm.

Males weigh 1 to 4 kg and females weigh 1 to 5 kg.

The head is light, the stop accentuated.

The truffle is small, black and slightly flattened.

This dog has an abundant and wavy coat.

It is short on the muzzle and on the front part of the limbs.

It forms a collar and a breastplate.




The eyes are large, almond-shaped, dark and expressive.

The ears are thin and straight with a sideways, open pinna.

The ears are also trimmed with bangs.

The tail is carried curved in on the back.

It forms a graceful plume.






Skittish / wary



For grooming, you only have to detangle the coat to avoid knotting.  

This dog only sheds once per year.

However, it requires daily brushing to remove dead fur when shedding.

Its average life expectancy is about 14 years.


The price of a butterfly spaniel is €1200 for a dog registered with the LOF.

Top pedigrees can sell for up to €1900.

Taking care of this dog requires a budget of €20 per month.

Behavior and training

This dog is obedient, sociable and easy to train.

However, it can't stand being alone.

Its natural abilities do not mean you should relax training.

It has no predatory instinct and is particularly attached to its owner.

It rarely gets into trouble and will play with its toys without damaging the objects in your home.

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